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Our Services

Highlands Practice

In addition to the standard NHS Services, we offer the following clinics and sessions to our patients: 

Registration Health Check – Routine health check for new patients via appointment with the Health Care Assistant

Child Immunisations - Via appointment with the Practice Nurse

Doctor/Nurse/Health Care Assistant - Available every Wednesday morning.

Asthma Clinic – Routine asthma check up with the Practice Nurse.

Breathing Disorder Clinic – A breathing assessment with specialist equipment for patients with a breathing disorder by the Practice Nurse

Travel Vaccinations – Via appointment with Practice Nurse. If you need a travel vaccination, you will need to collect a form from reception at least 6 weeks before your holiday. The nurse will then telephone you with an appointment to have your vaccination.
​Please note
- there is currently a national shortage of some travel vaccines. The nurse will inform you of which vaccines are affected.

Community Midwife - Every Tuesday from 12.30pm to 2.30pm

Diabetic Clinics – Via appointment with Nurse

Phlebotomy – Every Thursday and Friday via appointment the Phlebotomist